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05 November 2008 @ 09:46 pm

Each and every photo album is put together with love! I cherish my work, and hope that you will also enjoy them. The photo albums hold atleast 100 photos, front and back. You will not find any other photo ablums to be identical to the ones listed here. Although, I can remake any of these, but they will never be identical.

Note: Shipping prices are only for USA customers. If you are purchasing internationally, please let me know before I quote you a price

Photo Album Number One

Inside View
Back View

This is my very first album ever made.
It is not perfect by any means, and the inside isn't done as good as the others.
The price for this one, will be cheaper then the rest.
$4.00 + $2.25 for shipping
Total = $6.25

Photo Album Number Two
Inside View
Back View

African design, very beautiful.
$5.00 + $2.25 for shipping
Total = $7.25

You may also want a custom made album. That is perfectly fine! All you must do, is fill out the form:
Method of payment:
What kind of fabric what color, style, character, etc.:
What color lace I may not get specific design, but I can do a specific color:

Your total will be:
my cost of album
+ $3.00 (fabric and lace)
Total:my total plus $3.00